Success stories

3 years ago I realized that we were not marketing ourself to the fullest potential. Competitors started establishing their brands online, customers were searching more on the web and consulting reviews prior to purchasing. That was when we decided to reach out to Expert in Reputation (c) to find an effective solution for us. They delivered oustanding results for all of our spas, as planned, and their customer service has the personal touch that made every interaction delightful for me and every person on my team. I am proud to call them my business development partners and rely autonomously on their strategic desicion making.

Milada Prokopyeva
proud founder, president and CEO of Milada Spa

After having so much success for so many years, it has been frustrating to see such a drastic decline in our revenue. We were desperate as our competitors grew their business so fast and invested more and more into their online advertising. We found Expert in Reputation © right at this turning point... Finally we started to regain our market share consistently exceeding lead quotas!

Sergio Tyulenev, CEO and President,