Terms of Service

  1. Terms. Expert in Reputation Inc. (Company) will provide the Services to the Client for 12 months beginning by the day of setup and installation of digital assets chosen by a Client:

    • Facebook / Instagram / YouTube / Google Business pages maintenance and management.
    • SEO services for client’s website upon agreed keywords.
    • Google Ads installation and management upon agreed budget per day, geographical location and sociodemographic audience of choice,
    • Website management, maintenance and hosting
    • Content creation, editing and postproduction.
    • Copywriting for a website, blogs, pages, and restructuring text.
    • Optimizing a website
    • Create a Google Search Engine Optimization Page campaign that will increase the exposure above the competition for the campaign period, increasing the chances of target customers to see the client’s business listing on top of the search results for specific keywords. Keywords to be provided by the Client.
    • Creating a fully functional, SEO-optimized website within 6-8 weeks of settling an agreement and choosing a visual template example.
  2. Confidentiality. The terms of the Agreements will be strictly confidential, being no information about the terms of the Agreements or the services to be provided as outlined in the Agreements will be divulged, revealed or used for any other purpose without the written consent of all the Parties, except as necessary for either party to enforce its rights under this Agreement, or under a subpoena or any legal process, or as otherwise may be required by applicable law.
  3. Client’s Obligations. To provide Expert in Reputation Inc. Inc. with all necessary information and assistance to meet its obligations, provide the customer feedback opportunity and an incentive for the customer. Provide access to online profiles, dashboards, administrative panels, listings, etc.
  4. Additional Services. Any additional services outside the Agreements will be negotiated in an additional agreement. If agreed upon, the service cost of the extra services will be spread over the remaining term of the contract and paid monthly, added to the current payments.
  5. Cancellation:
    • If the Client decides to cancel the agreement, it should notify the Company in writing at info@expertinreputation.com three months in advance to cease the installed digital activities on Google and any other profile listings agreed upon and stop propagating scheduled content on social media.
    • If the Company decides to cancel the agreement, it should notify the Client 3 months in advance.

Any additional terms and conditions of services are outline in customized contractual arrangements prior to start the agreement. For any additional information please reach out to info@expertinreputation.com